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Youths told to be role model

01 July 2014

The Honiara City Council (HCC) deputy clerk Ronald Amigo told youths to develop spiritual values and good characters to be a role model for the nation.

He was speaking at the opening of the week-long Seventh Day Adventist Youth Alive congress yesterday at the Maranatha Hall, Burns Creek, East Honiara.

He said that “we (youths) should develop spiritual values and good characters within us to become upright citizens and good role models for our children or nation.

“Promoting spiritual values and character is one way we can fight the temptations and bad influences.

“We have good and bad influences in our lives. We can have good parents who would share good values and virtues or ones who show bad characters.

“We can have good teachers, friends and peers, or we can fall victims to their pressures.

“We can also have good or bad role models in our societies yet our church never fails in giving us the best guidance and right directions for our lives,” he said.

He added that church is the balancer, if not the ultimate institution everyone can rely on, so that they can become honest citizens and role models.

“I believe this week-long congress will provide you with proper understanding and right guidance on how to go along with your life.

“What character we need to promote, and what spiritual values we need to fight the temptations and bad influences, now that you are all gathered here it’s an opportunity to share your thoughts as well as your experiences.

“Sharing and learning that we or you would get would become our strength and weapon in combating the evils of temptation,” he said.

“Therefore, it is us to resolve among ourselves to become one, guided by same virtues and values, in facing the future…in bring peace, harmony and love to our country Solomon Islands and the world,” he said.