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MMF: Announce the new police chief

01 July 2014

Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) is calling on the government to quickly announce the new Police Chief.

The call came following reports the name of the new police chief has already been submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister for its final say.

Forum President Charles Dausabea claimed people of this country are so excited to hear about the appointment of the new police chief whom reports say is most likely to be a Fijian.

Dausabea said the news about his appointment has been welcomed by many within the force.

“It is timely to put in place someone to fill in the gap that has long been vacant and affects the discipline and work of the force.”

He said MMF is also happy to hear about the news and congratulate the new police chief and look forward to support him in his role.

Dausabea said, if the police and prison commission had already confirmed their appointment, then the PMO has no reason to delay the appointment but to make it public.

“The government should just do the right thing and don’t politicise this appointment again to cause another issue. The public already knows who the commission appoints and so they are waiting to hear the official announcement,” Dausabea said.

By Daniel Namosuaia