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Santa Ana celebrates arrival of modern communication

01 July 2014

Solomon Islands are rich not only in the diversity of the customs, culture, rituals and lifestyle of the people; they are also generously endowed with natural resources.

These natural resources include not only the mineral resources that Alvaro de Mendana who named it the Solomon Islands so many years ago but also the natural resources of fresh air, crystal clear waters with an abundance of  fish along with so many of the treasures that nature has so generously endowed.

Santa Ana Island in the eastern tip of Makira Island has no exception on these qualities.

Last week people of Santa Ana witnessed the official launching and the arrival of modern communication in their community.

For the past many years since the creation of the Island; communication is very hard and people used the olden ways of communication method to relay messages to other people.

It was the beginning of this month that life has been change in terms of communication to the people in the Island.

Speaking during the official launching and commissioning of the newly built tower Santa Ana Member of Provincial Assembly Hon. George Gapiara said; it is a historical record the people in the Island and other surrounding neighbors to witnesses the official launching of the newly built tower which is a great bonus to them to have the long waited dream to come true.

Hon. Gapiara further echoed that the provincial assembly of Makira Ulawa Province through the leadership of Premier Hon. Thomas Weape supports telecommunication services to the province and acknowledges the ongoing effort by Our Telekom for the rolling out communication services to the rural areas in Makira Ulawa Province.

Hon. Gapiara said the establishment of seven (7) telecommunication towers in the province is a way forward for the rural people to participate in the growing development in telecommunication industry both in domestic and outside world.

Santa Ana is a small raised coral Island that has physical constrain on land economic but potentials for tourism and other small economic activities. It has two lakes; Wairafa and Waipiapia.

The newly tower at Santa Ana serve Gupuna, Natagera, Napinatogo, Santa Catalina and surroung coastal communities of the Eastern part of the main land of Makira.