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Gela’s traditional fishing way highlighted

02 July 2014

A traditional fishing method used by Ngela ancestors was highlighted during the three day yacht festival at Roderick Bay Hideaway over the weekend.

Called Kwarao fishing, it was a traditional fishing method did by Gela people on swallow water where wild ropes brought from the bushes were tied up together and stretched  several metres in length.

The ropes are placed in the water with people standing along it and then moved towards the shore in a circle where the catch would be later killed.

Director of Roderick Hideaway accommodation John Ruka told the Solomon Star during the demonstration on Saturday that Kwarao fishing was famous traditional fishing method where everyone in Gela did during the heathen days.

“Today people are not getting use of this traditional way of fishing since everyone are relying on modern way.

“This fishing method was powerful in our island back then. Sadly since modern fishing materials were introduced our people are not longer using this traditional fishing technique,” Mr Ruka said.

He said the fishing method needs more manpower but it protects the marine resources.

“It is non-destructive because the materials are bush materials unlike the modern materials.

“Modern materials are unsafe because it destroys our marine resources and even kill our small fishes though it’s easy and simple,” Mr Ruka explain.

He however encouraged people in the province to use the traditional way of fishing as part of maintaining their identity.

“Its good we host this yacht festival to showcase our traditional way of life since our children today did not know about them.”