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Manetiva supports Green Tourism

02 July 2014

The Central Island government has thanked the services offered by Green Tourism Solomon Island Ltd to the province and encouraged them to expand the services across to other islands in Central.

Stanley Manetiva highlighted this during official closing of the 3rd yacht festival at Roderick Bay Hideaway accommodation over the weekend.

Mr Manetiva said since Green Tourism provided its service in the province it has create an impact in the community.

“Central Island province is an ideal place for tourists but needs someone to boost the industry.

“Therefore since Green Tourism works with the grassroots level here it has brought about changes.

“Therefore I urge the company to expand its service out into other islands in my province so that everyone in the province can receive the service to help their families and communities,” Mr Manetiva said.

He said Green Tourism was the first ever tourism firm to come down and work with the grassroots level.

“Therefore the current provincial government is fully supportive of the company’s initiatives.

“I would like to publicly announce here that the current provincial government is supporting the service provided by Green Tourism in the province.”

Meanwhile managing director of Green Tourism Michael Tokuru thanked Central island province for their assurance and support.

“As managing director I would like to thank the province especially the premier and his government for the support and work with the operators here.”

He said the company would continue to work hard with the province and communities to boost the tourism industry in the province.