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West Kwara’ae SSEC youth rally concludes well

02 July 2014

Youths within South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) West Kwara’ae Association 1(WKA) successfully ended the youth rally over the weekend from 27th – 29th June 2014.

The program started on Friday with a triumph match started from the main road up to the church compound. Despite the unkind rain, the youths really enjoyed the program.

There are total of 9 youths association attended the program, despite the unkind weather; the program went on smoothly.

Also attending the youth rally was the association assistant chief elder Ps Erick Hano along with the guest speaker, the northern region secretary Ps Joash Toto’o.

The theme for this year’s youth rally was taken from the book of Matthew 4: 19 – ‘Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.’

On Saturday there’s a morning session and afternoon sessions followed by fellowship meal which was prepared by the host church.

Guest speaker, Ps Joash Toto’o spoke on the theme by encouraging youths to make a decision to follow Christ. He said a real follower is follower that has been encountered with God.

He said that following Christ is not an easy life, following Christ and be the disciple of Christ is to count the cost, consider the consequences and settle the priority of the family relationship, submit to the cross life and follow Christ and separate from the things of the world.

Ps Joash challenged the youths not to waste time; it’s time to be seriously, committed, dedicated to serve the lord, as the youths are  pillars to today.

During the programs, there are youths who have made a commitment and to rededicate their life to serve the lord.

The youth coordinator Peter Kefo and his assistant Stephen Tagini acknowledged the presence of the chief elder assist and the guest speaker for the time despite their business they have spent it with the youths. Also the great acknowledgement to all the youth leaders and the youth members and Boboilangi church pastor and the congregation for the effort in preparation and for the time and effort to make this youth rally a successful one.

By Ivan Tonafalea 
World Fish office in Auki