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Drivers must be vigilant

25 July 2014

DRIVERS have been urged to be on alert when behind the wheels driving.

The reminder came following an early morning traffic accident in Honiara on Wednesday morning just before 10am.

The accident occurred at the east bound lane between Hyundai Mall and central market.

A witness said she was standing at the Low Price shop just opposite the market and witnessed the accident.

“I was standing in front of the Low Price shop when I saw a man driving a cab heading eastward towards the main market.”

The traffic was busy and slow during that morning.

She claimed the driver wasn’t concentrating at all and all of a sudden it bumped onto the back of a Hilux.

The cab that was involved in the accident was a newly registered one.

Fortunately there were no injuries except for damages to the front of the cab and at the back of the hilux.

By Joanna Frances