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United Party disassociates itself from UNDP

28 July 2014

The United Party of Solomon Islands has disassociated itself from the United Democratic Party – UNDP.

Interim General Secretary of the United Party of Solomon Islands, John Keniapisia said the party does not want people to be confused with the names of the two political parties.

He says the United Party of Solomon Islands is led by the Interim President, former East Are ‘Are MP, Andrew Hanaria.

In another political development, the People’s Alliance Party said it has accepted the resignation of its member, Martin Housanau who was to contest the Small Malaita Constituency under the PAP banner.

PAP President, Sir Nathaniel Waena said the party has accepted Mr Housana’s resignation because it is his democratic right to join whatever political groupings he wants to join.

Mr Housanau was the party’s national treasurer.

Meanwhile, the People’s Alliance Party will hold its National Convention today in Honiara in which new office bearers including the position of national treasurer will be elected.

Sir Nathaniel said the new National Executive will lead the Alliance Party into the 2014 National Elections.

He said the convention is important because not only the new executive will be elected, but it is also an opportunity to discuss the party’s registration as required by the newly established Political Parties Commission.

All political parties that plan to contest the 2014 national elections will be required by the Political Parties Commission to register.

Sir Nathaniel added that the PAP will use the convention to secure 250 members required of political parties to be registered by the Commission.

By George Atkin