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Tubi log case returns to court

28 July 2014

THE case involving a Taiwanese national will return to court on August 13.

The Taiwanese national allegedly attempted to export millions of dollars worth of Tubi logs out of the country.

The decision as to whether the charges against the accused Hsieh Chen Chin Fu will be dropped is not yet known.

The court heard on a previous hearing that the defence counsel and the prosecution are having discussions regarding the possibility of dropping the charge against Fu.

But the prosecution is yet to consider the defence’s representation.

Fu was charged under the Customs & Excise Act for one count of attempted export of prohibited goods.

This was in relation to allegation on 2010 when the accused allegedly tried to export seven containers of Tubi logs.

The container of Tubi logs were declared as sawn timbers but customs later found the containers contained Tubi logs that are prohibited in the country.

He was jointly charged with Teng Liu who had already been sentenced early this year for the same offence.

Private Lawyer Desmond Nimepo is representing Fu.