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Local schoolgirls to take the ‘clean-up’ message online

29 July 2014

Having successfully launched its ‘Keep the Solomon Islands Tidy’ campaign with two high profile clean-up operations in Honiara, the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) ‘Green Team’ has now taken its message online with the help of two local schoolgirls.

Posted this week on the SIVB facebook page (www.facebook.com/visitsolomonislands) the 30-second clip entitled ‘Our Home – look after it’ underlines the impact  littering and the tipping of general rubbish across the country is having on the local environment – both for the local people and international visitors.

Honiara schoolgirl Idamali Wickham appeared in the clip while the voice over has been provided by her friend Joy Kyere.

The clip tells the story of how littering has become an everyday part of the children’s environment but also underlines how easy it is to change behaviour and do the right thing.

‘Green Team’ leader, SIVB marketing manager, Freda Unusi said while the clip is short, it has a very strong message that needs to reverberate for years. .

“Hearing and seeing the message through the eyes and words of a child is a powerful prompt that it is time to do something about the situation and help determine the future we leave to our children,” she said.

“That is why we chose (Name) to present the message as a representative of that next generation and beyond her, the generations to come.

“We are a passionate and proud people – let’s show that pride in the way we look after our home, not just for ourselves and our international visitors but also for our children.”

Leading by example, the SIVB ‘Green Team’ has made already made its mark on the Honiara landscape clearing mountains of rubbish and plastic bottles from badly blocked drains as well as a general tidy up at one of Honiara’s busiest transport hubs, the main bus terminal outside the Honiara City Council offices.