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PAP to introduce nationalization policy

29 July 2014

The People’s Alliance Party (PAP) says an Alliance Party government will introduce a nationalization policy to empower Solomon Islanders to retake commerce from foreign hands.

The idea of introducing the nationalization policy was discussed in great length at the party’s national convention in Honiara over the weekend.

Speakers raised the concern that commerce in Solomon Islands has been hijacked by Asian nationals.

The Party president, Sir Nathaniel Waena told the national convention Solomon Islands has been hijacked by a new China Mafia.

He said while the party holds high respect for Chinese businessmen and their families who have been in the country many years before it attained its independence from Britain 36 years ago, the new arrivals have virtually taken over trade and commerce.

But in the nationalization policy, an Alliance party Government will buy off businesses owned by foreigners and will either lease them out or sell them to Solomon Islanders.

Meanwhile the national convention was told it is obvious newly arrived Chinese have taken over all businesses from Henderson airport in East Honiara to White River in West Honiara.

Speakers expressed frustration that the newly opened stores have been selling nothing new but canned tuna and noodles, just like all other shops, adding that is not real tangible investment.

They also expressed worry nationals from the Philippines have also opened up retail stores in Honiara.

The national convention discussed that the Investment Act will be reviewed with the view to strengthen the reserved business areas for Solomon Islanders.

By George Atkin
In Honiara