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CBSI deplores ATM theft

29 July 2014

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) yesterday condemned in the strongest term the recent theft and robbery of an ANZ ATM machine in Honiara over the weekend.

Reacting to media reports that the country experienced its first ever ATM theft by alleged armed thieves on Friday night, CBSI Governor, Denton Rarawa said that this is a very sad development indeed for our country.

The Central Bank deplores such unlawful acts and condemns the theft of public amenities such as ATM machines, which are provided by banks to serve the wider public.

“These facilities are installed at great expense to serve the public and the action of a very small group is endangering the continued provision of such services by the financial institutions.  This is unacceptable Governor Rarawa said”. 

The Central Bank calls on the public, who may have any information on the incident, to report such information to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force so that those involved can be arrested.