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Honiara, Guale no long ‘state of disaster’

29 July 2014

The National Disaster Council (NDC) has revoked the ‘state of disaster’ declared 4 April, as a result of the flash floods, which caused huge and wide spread damages to properties, livelihoods and loss of human lives.

This was announced at 2pm yesterday by the Honorable Bradley Tovosia: Minister of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology.

The NDC is satisfied there are no longer circumstances that warrant a state of disaster being declared.

The NDC initially requested a declaration order for a state of disaster for two provinces, Honiara City and Guadalcanal Province.

“Today, I am pleased to report that the emergency response, relief and early recovery work over the past three-and-a-half months have been successful,” Hon. Minister Tovosia said.

“Furthermore, the situation which occasioned the declaration no longer exists.”

The NDMO, with other government and humanitarian groups, has assessed those affected by the floods and the damage faced. Signs of improvement have been reported as a result of the initial response and support activities. Slowly, these areas have been returning to normal.

Most people who experienced damage have now been repatriated from evacuation centres, either to their original home or another safe location of their choosing.

The NDMO and the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) met with the chairmen of the FOPA evacuation centre chair committees on Sunday, informing them of this revocation.

All agreed it was time for the remaining few evacuees to repatriate. This is due to take place this week.

The NDMO has confirmed people who experienced flood damage will be supported with items to help them repair and rebuild.

The Ministry of Planning, Development and Aid Coordination is currently co-coordinating a Recovery Action Plan, which focuses on medium-to-long-term recovery.