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Landowners want to engage in developments

29 July 2014

THE Kazukuru group of landowners in the Western province have called on responsible authorities to prioritize and involve them in any development projects concerning Noro and Munda townships in the province.

This was after the group claimed to have been left out all together in being allocated development projects, tenders and contracts that concerns their very own homelands.

Spokesperson for the group, Oliver Bale said that the allocation of government tenders and contracts which should have been meant for local businesses and contractors affiliated with Kazukuru were not at all prioritized and instead given to other businessmen, much of whom are government cronies.

The group also claims that MP’s are continuing to meddle with such contracts and tenders which are mostly handed out by the ministry of infrastructure development (MID).

“Contracts such as road construction or infrastructure (bridges) and others should be given to rural local businessmen with the capabilities of fulfilling the tasks, not to MP’s and their cronies who are mostly caught up in conflicts with rural dwellers.

“By giving it to our own people, we can do better jobs and also involve our own people.

“In a way it helps us all and at the same time drives forward development in our own areas, as developing our townships of Noro and Munda are our priority as well as the Government’s,” Mr Bale said.

He added that prioritizing Kazukuru landowners means prioritizing the rural people in the areas whereby development ought to take place.

Mr Bale said that if the National Government and the MID can give out similar contracts and tenders to businesses in Guadalcanal and Malaita to develop their own areas, why not do the same in the Western Province, especially in developing Noro and Munda townships.