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29 July 2014

SEVERAL families residing at Independence valley in White River, West Honiara were forced to evacuate after their homes were burnt down in retaliation to a swearing incident over the weekend.

Reports reaching the Solomon Star said the incident occurred on Sunday after a drunken man allegedly swore at a group residing around the area.

In return the group stoned the man’s home forcing his family members to flee.

On the same evening around 7pm the group returned and allegedly burnt down three homes owned by the man’s families, it was revealed.

Some of the residents speaking to the Solomon Star said that last night the group promised to return and continue burning homes which forced many families and residents to flee.

The root cause of the problem that led to the swearing remain unclear but initial reports revealed that it was an going problem between the two parties.

Police last night attended the scene but were turned back due to the tense presence of armed men.

Access by the Solomon Star last night to the scene was also denied.

The Solomon Star witnessed people roaming up and down the road armed with knives, axes, iron tools and the building-up of road blocks.

People were seen evacuating their homes for fear of their safety in case the group arrived to continue with their burning.

One of the women who spoke to Solomon Star said most of the people in the area have left their homes to seek shelter with their relatives in town.

“We just packed all our belongings and now waiting to see what’s going to happen.”

Meanwhile, Gabriel Manelusi assistant police commissioner for the national capital last night said police were aware of the situation and his officers had been alerted last night.

He also call on leaders of both parties to allow police to deal with the situation and not to take the law into their own hands.

He said that a reconciliation between both parties will be held at the police station today.