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Conflicting parties reach agreement

30 July 2014

The Honiara city police have mediated a reconciliation ceremony yesterday between the two conflicting parties that were involved in the dispute at independence valley in White River, West Honiara over the weekend.

Gabriel Manelusi assistant police commissioner for national capital said representatives from both parties got together to talk and came up with an agreement as part of resolving the matter.

Representatives from both parties were given the opportunity to speak and expressed their regret over the incident.

Following the ceremony, both parties have reached an agreement.

Mr Manelusi who was present at the occasion said both parties have agreed to refrain from retaliating and continue to have dialogue and resolved the matter.

He appealed to both parties to respect the agreement and not to instigate the matter further.

With the country going through a recovery process, its important that people must respect each other and maintain peace in the communities and the country.

He also appealed to the public who usually drinks alcohol to do so responsibly and have respect for others.