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Teachers, students get t-shirts

30 July 2014

Teachers and students of Maoa community high school in West Kwaio, Malaita province on Monday received red t-shirts from our Telekom company limited during launching of a new tower in the area.

The t-shirts were given to those who answered questions.

Hundreds of people came out to participate in the launching.

Madam Rose Mauniala said the teachers and students were excited to receive the t-shirts.

She acknowledged the event hosted by our Telekom in their school compound especially the question/answer time which enabled them to get t-shirts.

She added some of the students and teachers will need to save some money to buy a phone later.

The company’s public relation officer Lawrence Nodua said the giving away of t-shirts was part of their promotion.

Similar promotion will be conducted at the communities where the launching of the towers will be conducted.

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