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Police commended

30 July 2014

The general public has commended police for its job well done in ensuring law and order is uphold in our country.

This came after police apprehended three suspects in relation to the incident over the weekend in which the ANZ ATM teller machine at the Kwaimani building was removed, ripped open and cash stolen.

A Honiara man John Bata said that he saluted the police force for the work well done in capturing the suspects.

“Our police are doing a great task and we public should support them to ensure that our country is safe so that our children live in a save, conducive and free crime environment,” he said.

He added that such bad behaviour should not be tolerated.

“Whatever bad or unlawful behaviour not only affects us but also tarnish and degrade our country’s status,” said Bata.

“The only thing that we should do is to show our support and cooperate with our police force to fight against such bad act or behaviour that might tarnish our identity.

“I called on all good Solomon Islanders to support our police force in their work.

“A way forward is only through cooperation and working together,” he said.