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Rural dwellers need better health service

30 July 2014

About 80% of the country’s population living in the rural areas are in need of better health services.

Minister of health and medical service (MHMS) Charles Sigoto revealed this in an interview with Solomon Star.

Mr Sigoto said the geographical location of the country has posed a greater challenge for the government to equally support medical services in the country.

“About 80% of the population often face difficulty in accessing better health services since the services provided by clinic and hospitals are sometimes in adequate.”

He said with the initiative taken by Prime Minister Office (PMO) to support rural hospitals, it should help improve services in the rural areas and to help alleviate problems the ministry continues to face.

He said the slow delivery of health grants to rural clinics is also contributing to poor delivery of services and lack of medical supplies in the rural areas.

He acknowledged PMO for making positive start to help improve health services in the country.

“PMO has shown a very positive approach in the health service in this country.

“As we know some of our private hospitals normally face financial setbacks in their operation to operate their service, therefore the support by PMO to support the hospital was greatly appreciated by MHMS so that it would help our rural people who are in dare need of medical service.

“On behalf of the ministry of health, I thanked PMO for assisting Helena Goldie hospital,” he said.