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Health workshop for rural leaders

30 July 2014

More than 20 chairmen and secretaries of local clinics in North West Guadalcanal have successfully completed a two days training over the weekend.

The training was facilitated by a team from Guadalcanal provincial health division with the support from the community leaders who allowed the venue for the workshop.

The workshop was held in Visale Parish.

The aim of the workshop was to review the clean-up campaign, discuss the weaknesses and strengths of community members in the villages and strengthening the roles of clinic communities in the village.

The workshop also covered the development of work plan for each clinic committees in the area.

Guadalcanal provincial health department rep Mike Faka said its important that clinic nurses do monitor the needs of the clinics while enlightening the problems faced in the rural areas.

He said nurses are responsible to serve everybody by providing health awareness and treatment to the sick.

He urged the chairmen and secretaries of all clinics in North West Guadalcanal to work closely with medical officers to improve the standard of health services in the communities while serving everybody in satisfactory ways.

Mr Faka also highlighted the need to develop a work plan for all local clinics so that the committee and the nurses can work along with it.

“Heads of the committee of local clinics are in a better position to work together with local health officers to ensure that community members have a better understanding of now to maintain cleanliness in their families.”

North West Guadalcanal Solomon Star stringer John Toki said this health team will be also visiting other parts of Guadalcanal, providing to conduct awareness and health educational program.