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30 July 2014

A MOTHER and wife of one of the suspects involved in the weekend heist of the ANZ automatic teller machine (ATM) is now in police custody after being found in possession of $50, 700 hard cash.

The arrest came after three of the male suspects were apprehended by police in the past few days.

Two of the suspects were about to board a boat across to Auki on Monday evening when police intercepted and arrested them.

Gabriel Manelusi assistant police commissioner for national capital last night said the woman was arrested by Auki police after disembarking at the Auki wharf on Monday night after traveling by boat from Honiara.

“The arrest came based on a tip-off from members of the public in Honiara,” he said.

He said woman was subsequently invited by the police to the Auki police station where she was interviewed with her luggage searched.

“It was during that search, that bundles of hard cash worth $50, 700.00 was found in her possession.”

Mr Manelusi said suspected cash may have been linked to the ATM robbery over the weekend.

The woman was traveling with her baby who she is still breasting feeding.

After spending a night at the Auki police she was flown over to Honiara in a RAMSI chopper yesterday morning. She will be questioned and interviewed to explain her side of the story for being in possession of the cash.

Mr Manelusi said because of the seriousness of the incident, the police response team and the police detectives are handling the case.

Also early yesterday moring, police have also confiscated two cars. One was involved in the heist while the other one is a new brand car which was suspected of being bought using the stolen money.

“The two cars are now under police custody,” Mr Manelusi said.

He said the new flashy car may have worth between $40,000 to $60, 000 depending on the current market value.

“It’s a brand new car which has just been bought in the past days.”

So far three male suspects plus the mother have been nabbed for the involved in the incident.

He said three more are still at large. “But I wish to warn them that police will still come after you.”

Meanwhile the city’s assistant police commissioner has acknowledged those police officers who have been involved in investigating the case.

He further expressed gratitude to members of the public for assisting the police in the speedy apprehension of the suspects by supplying information and tip-offs.

“The police were able to do their job more efficiently based on tip-offs from the members of the public and for that public support is playing a part in quick apprehension of the suspects and stolen cash,” he said.

He said the incident is a sad story of how people who are faced with challenges and have resorted to criminal activities but are caught and found themselves in problem.