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Teachers and Students receives red t-shirts

30 July 2014

Both teachers and students of Maoa community high school in west Kwaio, malaita province on Monday this week received more than 200 red t-shirts from our Telekom Company limited.

The red Telekom design t-shirts were given to teachers and students through answering questions asked during the program.

During the program, various people came out to participate in the launching in excitement.

Speaking to this paper, Madam Rose Mauniala said that it is more exciting to receive and wear these kinds of t-shirts as it is belongs to our Telekom Company.

She said that they were very proud to have such activities hosted by our Telekom in their school compound especial answering questions that worth t-shirts.

“Without this program I believed, we teachers and students and others who living in back way areas will not access such a beautiful red coloured t-shirts like this, she added.

“This is one of the enjoyable activities for us those who didn’t have enough money to buy phones in order to receive such t-shirts as usual, Madam Rose revealed.

“In this way, we would like to  acknowledge the our Telekom company limited and land owners for hosting the official launching of the Gouna hill site tower  in the school compound that gives privilege for us to take part in the program, madam said.

The company’s public relation officer said that this is part of their promotion to give out t-shirts through answering questions and buying cell phones.

We will not only do it here but to every site that a yet to launch in the province, Mr Nodua said.

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