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Communities laud Our Telekom

30 July 2014

Community leaders and chiefs of Gouna Hill and the surrounding areas in West Kwaio, Malaita province have acknowledged Our Telekom for the launching of a new tower in the area.

About 13 towers are expected to be launched around the province in the coming days and weeks.

Speaking on behalf of the various leaders in that region, Madam Dafe an elder of the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) said the launching of new tower is a new chapter for the district and they really appreciate Our Telekom for that investment.

Mr Dafe said that in the past his people have to spend more money to reach Auki in order to call their relatives in Honiara and elsewhere in the country.

“And this is very expensive to afford.

“But now we don’t need to do that again because the network coverage is just in our community.”

He assured Our Telekom that his people will look after the facility because it would benefit them.

He added that this is just the beginning, and they will continue to work together with the company to install one or two more towers in the district so that everyone in the place can access the mobile service.

The company’s assistance manager for Auki Mr Jimmy Nange said the company will try as much as possible this year to install another 50 metre tower in that area depending on the conversation with landowners.

“This is to give more telecommunication to villages in that area,” he added.

Most of the 13 new towers stand at 40 metres high.

Our Telekom will continue with its second launching today at Buma, also in West Kwaio.

In Auki