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Water shortage hits Kira Kira

31 July 2014

As the water problem continues to take its toll, residents of Kirakira have resorted to using wells and streams to fetch water for cooking, drinking and swimming.
Kirakira’s water shortage was attributed to the current dry weather.

Speaking to the Solomon Star provincial police commander Richard Hane said the problem was due to the current dry spell experienced in the eastern part of the country.

He said their only fear is that sooner or later Kirakira hospital will halt all its services because of the water shortage.

“This is a serious problem we are facing now.

“Our families are now using the well or nearby streams to collect water for a living.

“At the moment our responsible ministry is rationing water but this really affects our living,” he said.

He added that Kirakira only relay on one main water source and when theres dry weather the water pressure gets low.

This brings a lot of impact on our lives, he said.

“This is an ongoing problem in the capital in the past years and I think it’s the right time that our provincial and national leaders should now do something about it.

“Water is life and our leaders should now step in to solve the matter,” he said.

Meanwhile, Haraina community, in Ulawa Island also faces the same problem.

This happened after one of the villagers cut off the main water pipe due to some disagreement.

Police in Kira Kira have been informed and will travel to the village once the weather improves.

So the villagers have resorted to using wells and streams to collect water for domestic us.