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Papagu undergo business training

31 July 2014

A three days business training was conducted at Papagu community in Guadalcanal yesterday.

Around 55 participants registered to do the training.

The training targeted women, youths and those who were affected by the ethnic tension conflict.

The training was designed for developing countries like Solomon Islands. 

The project is being funded by United Nation security trust fund for reduction, rehabilitation, peace and reconciliation in association with Japanese government.

Peter Mae undersecretary of the national reconciliation and peace said the main idea behind this project was to prevent the mindset of people from ethnic tension conflict between Malaita and Guadalcanal province.

“This was because after ethnic tension people were losing their values, so in order to regain those values these kinds of training can help in to maintain the strength and togetherness people have lived before the ethnic tension conflict.”

He said not only that but the ministry is working to regain the mindset of the people through trauma healing process training.

He said such training deals with the completeness of a   person in terms of spiritual healing, economical and social.

“After the program we expect those who have already under go the project to reach out to other provinces, societies and help those who does not access to the same project for future activities.”

Jeff Alexander secretary for Papagu community said that there were many project given to the communities around Papagu but the community has ignored them.

He said they are working so hard to receive this business project training which will really help the people.

He said the international labour organisation also provided them with tools and they are so happy to receive such training since it was their first time to do the training.

Participants will receive certificates after the training.

By Joanna Frances