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Driver in ATM heist remanded

31 July 2014

The driver of the car involved in the robbery of the ANZ automatic teller machine (ATM) at Kwaimani building over the weekend is now remanded in custody.

Saverio Sulimae was the second suspect to be arrested this week and was remanded in custody yesterday.

He was charged with one count of armed robbery. Security officer, Joe Silas has been remanded on Tuesday.

Police Prosecutor Alice Foanaota yesterday asked the court to remand Sulimae on grounds that the offence is very serious and carries the maximum penalty of life imprisonment, the money stolen was more than $400,000 and there are a number of suspects are still at large.

She also told the court that the high powered rifle alleged to be used during the robbery is not yet recovered, that the offence was planned, and that Sulimae admitted the offence in his record of interview with police.

Magistrate Esther Lelapitu granted the application and remanded the accused until August 11, where he will appear together with Silas.

Sulimae’s wife whom police have also arrested at Auki and sent over to Honiara was not remanded in custody.

The wife did turn up in court yesterday with her little girl sitting

outside of the court room whilst the remand application was made for Sulimae.

Police have arrested Sulimae at the Honiara main wharf trying to board a ship to Auki.

His wife successfully boarded the ship but was arrested at Auki .

Her bag was searched at the station and police retrieved more than $50,000 believed to be proceeds of the recent ATM robbery.

Sulimae is facing a charge of armed robbery in relation to the alleged incident on the night of July 25, this year at the Kwaimani building.

Police alleged that the men arrived in a Caldina car with a fake number plate and two of them approached the accused.

It was alleged that after a conversation with Silas, the two went back to the vehicle and return with crowbar and another man from the car.

Another two men were alleged to have been standing at the front gate of the building while three of them are uprooting the machine.

According to the prosecution’s case five of them carry the ATM machine to the car and lifted it into the car before taking off with the accused.

It was also alleged that another double cabin hilux was also seen at that time parked next to the Caldina car.

Both vehicles were seen leaving the Kwaimani building together.

The men allegedly went up to Henderson, East of Honiara where they broke open the ATM machine before dropping off Silas in town.