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NRH packing lot sealed off: Complaints over lack of parking space

31 July 2014

COMPLAINTS have surfaced over the car-parking area at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) being too small.

Patients and also families and relatives bringing in and waiting on their sick are calling on responsible authorities to allocate a bigger car-parking lot for vehicles that drive into the hospital premises.

This was after a large fraction of what used to be the hospital car-park was closed off over the weekend as construction on the proposed new eye care centre kicked off.

Since then the area had been permanently closed down, giving only a small area in front of the hospital for vehicles to park.

This has over the week seen a new problem of overcrowding of vehicles the front area of the hospital.

“This eye care centre is indeed a good development, however is taking and closing down a huge portion of the car-park a necessary exercise?

“We as relatives of our sick are finding it difficult to park our vehicles whenever it is overcrowded.

“We sometimes park our vehicles outside of the hospital gates, however that is a risk also as there are those who steal vehicles just roaming outside the hospital area.

“Therefore it is a problem and concerns to us the public. What will or can be done about this is our call to responsible authorities?” A group of concerned patients and relatives asked this paper last night.

Security personnel manning the hospital area have on occasions chased our taxis or other public vehicles that park in the area.

“Taxis are the ones that make this area so overcrowded.

“As there is not enough space for everyone to park their vehicles, we have to resort to asking others to leave and then giving way for others coming in.

“That is the only thing we can do for now as the entire area where the car-park used to be is now being sealed off,” said a security personnel talked to.

Attempts to talk to the hospital’s CEO, Dr George Manimu regarding the matter last night were unsuccessful.