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'Stop mafia intrusion'

03 August 2014

CRACKING down on organised mafia groups in Europe and Asian countries is always a dangerous job for police.

As such, police reacted swiftly to claims of mafia connection, resulting in the arrest of a Taiwanese businessman according to police.

A senior police officer said the Taiwanese Michael Mai Yung Fu is being investigated for claims he repeatedly threatened and blackmailed another businessman.

“We made the arrest after gathering evidences Yung Fu had been demanding $1m from a Malaysian businessman both of whom are involved in logging business.

“According to evidences gathered, Yung Fu has threatened owner of Omex Company and his brother that their business and families will be at risk because he has the backing of the Taiwan tirade society.”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Omex Holding Limited Steve Wong told police “Yung Fu had been using threats towards me, the Wong family and employees of the Omex Holding Limited”.

“On 21st July 2014, my brother Steve Wong contacted me and informed me that Yung Fu attended his office at Kinsley building and threatened to use the mafia gang in Taiwan to kill me and the Wong family if I continue harvesting and buying tubi species in Solomon Islands.

“I was scared as I knew very well the dangers of using mafia in Asian countries. Business people and individuals use mafia gang to kill people of their interest.”

Mr Wong said Yung Fu also involves in the tubi business but he has to compete fairly on a level playing field.

“This country has laws that we must abide to and using such threat must not be entertained in this youthful country.”

Yung Fu cannot be contacted for comments as he is in Police custody but an employee at his business said police launched a surprise arrest.

Mafia is a type of organized crime syndicate that primarily practices protection racketeering — the use of violent intimidation to manipulate local economic activity, especially illicit trade; secondary activities may be practiced such as drug-trafficking, loan sharking and fraud.

Being bonded together by a code of honour, in particular the code of silence, safeguards the Mafia from outside intrusion and law enforcement action.

The senior police officer said Yung Fu will defend himself in court but mafia practices must be thwarted from thriving in the Solomon Islands. We must use force at all cost to avoid this because we have a vulnerable environment amongst the young unemployed.

“We are a sovereign country and our identity as Christians and law abiding citizens must be maintained for peaceful coexistence.

“It is therefore vital that such allegations be verified and dealt with promptly.”