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Disorderly, disturbance tops police’s list

04 August 2014

ACTING disorderly and causing disturbance related to alcohol has topped police’s list as the number one offence being recorded last week.

Speaking to the Solomon Star last night Gabriel Manelusi assistant police commissioner for national capital said last week from 28th July to yesterday (Sunday 3rd August) police responded and recorded 29 cases related to acting disorderly and causing disturbances.

He pointed out most of these cases are related to alcohol as a result of some organised activities as well as people drinking irresponsibly.

The city’s assistance police commissioner listed some of the places which have recorded these incidents as; Rove seafront, Kukum seafront opposite Aloha, Bahai, Tanuli, Chinatown, Honiara central market, Vura 2&3, Mamanawata, Naha, Choviri, Point Cruz, Independence Valley, Ranadi, Panatina and Green valley.

He added that within the same period last week police recorded theft and demanding as the second highest incidents with ten recorded cases happening at Burns Creek and Tasahe.

Minor traffic incidents related to alcohol also recorded ten cases which happened at our main road in the city, Bahai, Tongs, Cathedral area, Vura, Gold Ridge, he said.

Mr Manelusi added that property offences related to damaging other people’s properties recorded 8 cases during the same period.

He further highlighted another which was family related violence as a concern for the police which recorded 5 cases during this period. Police responded and attended to incidents which occurred at Burns Creek, Tasahe, Independence Valley, Tanuli and Valbros area.

Three burglary cases were recorded last week in the Ranadi area, Zion and Panatina Ridge, Mr Manelusi said.

The assistant police commissioner for national capital said the information are based from data police had recorded in the past seven days.

Mr Manelusi pointed out that last week alone 92 cases have been recorded around the country of which 85 cases were from Honiara city alone and 7 cases in the provinces.

The city’s assistant police commissioner said he decided to release the names of the areas, wards and communities in which these offences have taken place so that community leaders, church leaders, family heads, youth leaders, women leaders and other stakeholders can work together to find a solution to mitigate against these problems from further escalating.

He said the police are concern with the high incidents and leaders must work to help curb the problems.

Mr Manelusi appealed to owners of the Rove and Kukum seafront to take responsibility when organising activities during the weekends to avoid people from misbehaving and causing disturbance to other people.

“Its important for the owners to work closely with the police to address issues of acting disorderly when taking part in fundraising activities,” he said.

He also appealed to the public to drink responsibly to avoid getting into problem.

“And organisers of fundraising activities, community leaders and family heads must help to mitigate against alcohol problem which may lead to problems,” he said. 

Meanwhile he thanked those members who continue to support the police and appealed to the public to take precaution this week to avoid being burgled.