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IATA approved trainer assists airlines

04 August 2014

The national carrier of the Solomon Islands, Solomon Airlines, has been working with an approved IATA Safety Management Trainer in supporting key management and staff to improve the airlines’ Safety Management culture and procedures for the past week.

Announcing this, Solomon Airlines Corporate Safety, Security and Audit Manager, Napoleon Padabela said “a key part of the overall strategy for the airline moving forward is to pay more attention to all segments within Solomon Airlines involving Safety Management Systems (SMS) as a cultural mindset strategy within our organisation.”

“By this I mean that although we have achieved one of IATA’s highest Certification in IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit), the work begins to pick up motion to ensure we say what we do and we do what we say’ regarding systems and procedures from bottom to top within  our organisation.

“It is pointless having the best procedures and policy in place if they are not followed, adopted and reviewed regularly to make them easy to understand and meaningful to apply in our daily functions,” The CSSAM added.

The CEO Captain Ron Sumsum added weight to the subject by praising not only the very highly regarded trainer, Jose Castellanos who has his origins in Chili in South America and now runs his own consulting business as an approved IATA Safety Management System trainer, but he also hails as an ex pilot in that arena.

Captain Sumsum paid tribute to ASPA (Association of South Pacific Airlines) under the stewardship of George Faktaufon who has been championing the cause of more attention to SMS and IAMS (Integrated Aviation Management Systems).

Recently in May, the airline also brought in another approved IATA trainer, Jaques Fichet, a specialist in PMDA (People Management Development for Airlines) in a continued improvement process to upgrade our staff’s skills-set to match that changing airline environment.

“Times have indeed changed in aviation and as an approved International airline with Foreign Air Operating Certificates operating in foreign countries; we have to keep pace and improve all our attributes in Safety Management from top to bottom,” the CEO remarked.