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‘Do not under estimate the nature’

05 August 2014

Out board motors (OBM) drivers throughout the country have been reminded not to under estimate the power of nature.

Wheatley Douglas, a marine officer based in Gizo, Western province made this call yesterday after the search for the five missing men was called off.

The incident happened on Thursday when a boat carrying seven people travelled to Choiseul province sank.

Two of the passengers were rescued while the remaining seven were missing.

Mr Douglas said OBM drivers who operates boat transfers from island to island must make sure their boat are fully with safety marine equipment.

“We have many drivers who are careless and normally ignore marine warningand decided to travel during bad weather.

“But I want to remind all drivers to be cautiouswhen traveling duringbad weather from islands to islands to make wise decisions.

“Safety of our people are paramount and drivers must take note of that,” said Mr Douglas.

Headded such rescue mission is an expensive task and drivers must always take heed of warnings.

“What happened last week isdue to carelessness. Therefore I urged all drivers throughout the country to be well equipped with marine safety gears and limit their loadingwhen traveling during bad weather,” Mr Douglas said.