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‘Use your phones wisely’

07 August 2014

Mobile owners and customers are being reminded that good and bad aspects of using a cell phone is in their hands.

Our Telekom Auki assistant manager Jimmy Nange highlighted this on Wednesday at the official launching of Fa’arau tower in Central Kwara’ae, Malaita province.

During his speech, Mr Nange highlighted that cell phones can be beneficial if used wisely.

He uttered this after a minister of the church approached him while criticizing the use of cell phones.

The church worker claimed mobile phones are the main contributing factors that leads to many family problems, divorce, extra-marital affairs (02 system) and teenage problems like unwanted pregnancy.

“Having a mobile service has made it easy for people of opposite sex to communicate with each other which leads to broken families and other social issues.

“In the past 02 system has never been an issue like today. Now people can communicate with each other and make appointments and to talk someone they want.

“This is because of the availability of phones and the introduction of more towers in the rural areas that gives them more accessibility to such unwanted activities like this,”the church minister highlighted.

Responding to the claims, Mr Nange said;“The good and bad use of a cell phone is in your own hands.

“If you want to use cell phones to call other man’s wife or other wife’s husband then blame yourselves because you are the owner or user of the phone who makes the decision.

“The company’s job is to establish towers to allow people have access to better communication service so that their lives can be easy,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Nange thanked the landowners of Ila land for accepting the company to install its 40 meters tower on their land.

With this tower, people of Fa’arau which is more than 1 kilometer inland from the coast would not have to travel far to receive and make calls.

“They will now sit down in their homes and make the calls,” a landowner John Maea to said with excitement.

During the launching program a good number of people turned up to witness the event and participated in some of the activities organized by Our Telekom.

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