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MMF’s new political party to stop the talk

08 August 2014

Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) has formed its political wing over the weekend which they believe is the way forward for the people of Malaita and this country to stop the talk and act responsibly to the cries of the Malaita people.

Speaking to Solomon Star, Forum president Charles Dausabea said the formation of the political party is looking at solving social issues in the country which at most times involved the people of Malaita.

Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP) as it was called is a political arm of MMF is aimed at solving the social and economic issues faced in the country which is believed to have been the real problem facing the country.

Forum president said solution to most problems faced today in the city is due to lack of development on Malaita which encourages Malaitans to flood the city causing a lot of social problems.

“We believe the solution would be to bring back Malaitans to their own land and engage them with developments on their land. Although Malaitans have a good number of leaders in parliament, they lack the political wing to address the problems their people are facing which leads to rising social problems,” Dausabea said.

He said MMF believes it is time to stop talking but to take the bold step and have the political will to realise what they have been advocating for the past thirteen years.

“If this country wants to solve the social problems it faces today, you just have to focus on developing Malaita. Guess who are the people affected from the recent flash floods? Who are the people residing in all the illegal settlements? Who the people causing a lot of social problems within our communities? We can confidently say most of them are Malaitans,” Dausabea said.

He said the solution to these problems is to develop Malaita and this country will surely move forward in its economic development.

The forum president said PPP is determined to carry the burdens of all Malaitans and work towards achieving this goal.

Adding although they have been very focal in advocating changes and positive development for the people of Malaita and the country, it has come to a time that MMF believes if it has the political will, what they talk about will  be realised.

“Malaiatans are hard working people. If our great grand parents can develop Queensland, Fiji and Samoa during the black birding days, why can’t we Malaitans develop our own island?” Dausabea questioned.

The forum’s boss added the solution to this country’s social problems is to solve problems of the Malaita people.

Dausabea said only by then will this country see tangible development progressing well throughout the country.

He said people might have their own perspective on this point or think PPP’s focus is only on Malaita.

“But I want to make it clear to all Malaitans and this nation that for us, we see this as the way forward for this country. It will not benefit Malaita but the entire country.

"We see it as the only solution to all the town’s problems that is holding development from going on in this country due to rising social problems that have been neglected for so long. Lets not look at what we should benefit from but look at what will benefit our children in the future,” Dausabea said.

The Solomon Star understands PPP has already completed its constitution and in the process of completing its manifesto by the end of week.

It is also understood more than 400 financial members have now joined MMF’s new political wing which draws a lot of interest not only from Malaitans but also people from other provinces.