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Cooler nights for us

08 August 2014

THE impact of climate change on most Pacific Islands countries is taking its toll, especially here in the Solomon Islands with many experiencing much cooler nights and warmer days unlike before.

The changing and unpredictable weather patterns is experienced throughout the entire globe, with countries closer to the equator such as; Solomon Islands, Samoa and Tuvalu experiencing more cooler nights and warmer days.

For many Solomon Islanders, it is much cooler at night and the early mornings then it used to be two to three years back.

“It is very cold at night nowadays. At night and the early hours of morning are very cold unlike what it used to be some three years back.

“People now don’t need fans to sleep with as the nights are cooler than before.

“People say that this is the work of climate change and the impacts it is having on people and their environment,” were the common feedback received from people speaking of cooler nights nowadays.

Whilst many are somewhat enjoying the cooler nights, many also do not like the fact that at day time it is even hotter than before.

“The sun nowadays is really hot. One can easily be burnt roaming through the streets under the hot sun.

“This is not very good especially for children as too much sun exposure is not at all healthy,” were the response of others when asked about the hot sunny days.

Solomon Islands like many other Pacific Island countries have a weather pattern that is very much unpredictable.

However the national weather forecasts shows that the heaviest rainfall comes between December to March and the lowest rainfall, humidity and temperatures are expected between July and September.