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Kira Kira police investigates fuel theft

08 August 2014

Kira Kira police are closing in on suspects who were involved in a robbery incident fortnight ago in which they allegedly stole fuel from a logging company operating in Makira/Ulawa province.

The alleged incident happened fortnight ago and police now have a lead into the incident and investigation now underway.

Peter Sitai senior sergeant officer at Kira Kira revealed this to the Solomon Star last night.

He said police are currently collecting all relevant information which may lead to arrests soon.

Mr Sitai said that the group who have been involved in the robbery are known to the police.

“But we need to have factual evidence before attempting any arrests.”

Meanwhile, he added that in Kira Kira there are no major incidents happening for the past few days.

Everything was generally calm and peaceful, he said.

Sitai said there were no reports received by their office from the surrounding communities.

“This means people are enjoying their time and went on with their normal life.”

Police are calling on the public in Kira Kira to work together with police to ensure law and order is maintain in the province.