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Church supports hospital

09 August 2014

National Referral Hospital (NRH) yesterday received medical equipment from the South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) in Honiara.

The donation consisted of 200 of crutches, nine working frames, seven carton linen, five cartons of toys for children, one trolley bed and a wheelchair.

The supplies were channel through SSEC church in Solomon Islands from the Encounter Hope Foundation (EHF) organisation in New Zealand.

Representative of the EHF Ms Lynnette Van Nes said the gift is part of her remembrance of people of Solomon Islands and the hospital where she was given birth in when her parent were working in the Solomon Islands some years ago.

 She said the asistance is a part of the family and the organisation in Auckland supporting hospitals and clinics in Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile her family and EHF were very sad to hear about the recent flash flooding which affected thousands of people in the Solomon Islands.

Speaking on behalf of the SSEC church in Solomon Islands Ken Taylor acknowledged EHF to work closely with the churches as mediator and providing community health care to health centers in the country.

“It is good that we are responsible for health in the country,” Taylor said.

Rooney Jagilly, medical superintendent said the donation is a great support for the hospital since it was a need for people with injuries and those who can’t move or walk to use as comfortable way.

 He said the gifts will increase the hospital facilities especially crutches and working frames.

It was the second time the Encounter Hope Foundation assisted the Solomon Island with medical supplies.

In 2010 a container of medical facilities was distributed to hospitals and medical care centers in the country.

The organisations were also supplying asistance to Fiji and other countries throughout the world.