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Tubi saga hits up amongst LOs

09 August 2014

An elder claimed to be a landowner (LO) from Bugotu in Isabel has described the actions by Nolan Jolo as non-sense.

The landowner who wants his name withheld said that the Bugotu people are unhappy with Jolo’s response in the media.

They said that Mr. Jolo was only making noise on the media without actually seeing and knowing what was going on in San Jorge.

“It is best for Mr. Jolo to visit San Jorge and talk to the chiefs about the tubi issue.

“In fact Mr. Jolo was living in Ngela in Central Islands, not in San Jorge as he continues to preach on the media.

“He should be talking about Ngela not San Jorge.

“He must know that the company was operating in three concessions, not in the land he claimed to be his.”

The elder further stated that they welcome the Southern Pacific Woods Trading company to operate in their lands.

“We really appreciated the SPWT Ltd for operating in our lands where we really benefited out from them.

“We thanked the company for being so helpful for us as it started its operation.”

He said that the land owners have saluted the Cabinet decision to lift the prohibition of the spiece from export earlier this year.

But Mr. Jolo maintained that no matter what the landowners claimed about the saga, he maintained that South Pacific wood is operating under a cancelled license.

“No matter what they may say because the company has shut their mouths with money, the law still stand, SPWT Ltd is operating and exporting tubi under a cancelled license.

“If that unnamed elder was really a man from Isabel, then don’t come like a ghost on the media about the issue. Are you having something to hide that you have to hide your name on the media?.

“I know that you are well behind this company, giving large sums of money to protect them.

“But I will not stop here to pursue the case and held those responsible accountable for their dirty dealings.

“These so called landowners must understand that, only a tiniest portion of the money earned from our resources was given to them, the rest goes out to Asia.”



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