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MMF attacks DPM over comments

11 August 2014

Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) has described the comments of deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga as shameful and nonsense.

Speaking in response to comments made by Maelanga last week, forum president Charles Dausabea said it was sad to see a Malaitan leader was being spoon fed with words that only make him look foolish.

“Why does it take the government more than three weeks before making such comments about the appointment of the police commissioner Mr Frank Prendergast?

“Maelanga should be ashamed of his comments because it only looks right for such comments to come from Canberra, the commander of PPF, RAMSI special coordinator and the Australian High Commissioner to this country,” Dausabea claimed.

Dausabea stressed that MMF will never back down by Maelanga’s comments saying MMF still maintains its stand for Mr Prendergast to clear his name off from allegations against him in his involvement in the 2011 Christmas island riot before he can take up the post.

Dausabea clarified that MMF has no personal grudges against Mr Prendergast.

“We don’t have any issues with the qualification and experience of Mr Prendergast. But the issue here is he is still under investigations by the Australian federal special select committee. Unless he is cleared, he should not take up this post.

It would be ignorant of the government to allow Prendergast taking up the post knowing very well he is under investigation and no official report of the investigations has come out publically to know whether he is cleared or not.

If the government is not aware of this, then we can provide them with the documents,” Dausabea said.

The forum president also criticised Maelanga for falling into Mr Lilo’s trap to be used as a vessel to mock MMF since he is a Malaitan.

“Maelanga is dumb and did not realise the trap Lilo is setting up for him therefore speak on behalf of the government on an issue he did not know anything about,” Dausabea stressed.

He further questioned Maelanga if it was true the appointment of Prendergast was made according to a rigorous and independent procedure, then why did the police and prison service commission (PPSC) recommendation showed otherwise?

“Why did the government chose the number two choice (Mr Prendergast) instead of the number one choice which is the Fijian candidate as recommended by the panel and the PPSC?

“Who are you trying to fool? You are not fooling anyone but yourself,” Dausabea said.

Dausabea added it was so shameful for the government to give in to Canberra just because Australia was willing to meet all the costs and expenses of the new police commissioner.

He questioned why the government can’t meets these costs when millions of dollars has been wasted and misused on unimportant things like the PM’s overseas trips that gain nothing for the country but wasting millions of tax payers money.

“How could the government see it less important to meet the cost and expenses of its country’s police commissioner? Is it because law and order not important? Is it because Lilo and his government fear they might be investigated for their corrupt dealings if there is an independent commissioner?” Dausabea questioned

Meanwhile MMF demands the Australian High commission, RAMSI Special coordinator, the PPF Commander and Canberra to tell this nation the outcome of their investigations into Prendergast’s case if they truly have a concern for this country.

MMF calls on the government to make a wise decision that will benefit this country and its people and not a decision that will manufacture problems for this country as was the case with former police commissioner Shane Castle.