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Maelanga told to look beyond short-term projects

12 August 2014

EAST Malaita MP and deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga is urged to look beyond the short-term projects he’s currently implementing in his constituency.

Constituent John Tomekwalemanu Langi made the call in light of latest projects being implemented in the constituency.

He was referring to solar power and other small constituency projects.

“These are what I call short-term projects that would not last longer,” he said.

“Nearly every voter in East Malaita constituency has received such projects which are really appreciable but sadly they only last us for less than two to three years,”Mr Langi said.

He said the MP, with the amount of funds channeled through him, has the potential to do bigger development projects in his constituency.

“He demonstrated it by tapping into government funds that he used to repair the 13km road from Atori to Aufasu and now joining another extension 3km road to Faumamanu market.

“This is the kind of projects we want to see in the constituency. They are tangible and bring economic benefits to everyone.

“Maelanga should think about long term projects like roads, which give access to people to go and sell their produces at markets in Auki and the nearby communities.”

Mr Langi said the people are happy when they see their roads upgraded and improved.

in Auki