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Rape accused face court

12 August 2014

TWO seven-year-old girls have been allegedly raped in Isabel Province in November last year.

The two separate cases were brought before the court on Monday but have been further adjourned to January 25.

This is to give time for the Police Prosecutions to transfer the file to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).

In one of the cases that occurred at a village in Sigana Ward in Bugotu District on November 20, last year, the alleged victim was raped by a 22 year-old male.

The alleged victim was playing in a canoe at the sea shore when the accused approached her and told her to bring the canoe over to him.

Another kid that was playing with the alleged victim went ashore and left the alleged victim alone in the mangroves.

The accused then went to where the alleged victim was, carried her and then allegedly raped her.

A woman who came to the beach interrupted the accused and he escaped leaving the alleged victim behind in pain.

The woman helped assisted the alleged victim back to her parents and the matter was later reported to police.

In another case, a 60-year man residing with the girl’s family was alleged to have raped the alleged victim at a river near where they resided.

Three girls interrupted what the accused was allegedly doing and he quickly removed the girl from him.

It was alleged that the accused has been luring the girl during his stay with the victim’s family to gain her interest by giving her sweets.

He also would allegedly take the girl out at nights to collect fruits and also would accompany her to school at which the alleged victim is attending pre-school.

Police alleged that the accused would at times stay with the girl in his room and when asked by others said he was teaching the girl.

The accused is yet to be represented by the Public Solicitor’s Office.

Police prosecutor David Tepai appeared for the state on Monday.