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Murder PI starts in court

12 August 2014

TWO witnesses have testified in court during a committal hearing on Monday in relation to a murder case at Kolobangara last year.

The long form preliminary inquiry (PI) was conducted before Principal Magistrate Jim Seuika. He will deliver his ruling tomorrow.

If there is sufficient evidence, the two accused Reuben Kobolo and Tana Kabolo will be committed to stand trial in the High Court, but if there is insufficient evidence there is a likelihood of a dismissal.

Their co-accused Henry Kabolo was already committed to face trial in the High Court following a short form preliminary inquiry conducted on his case last week.

A short form preliminary inquiry does not require witnesses attending court to give evidence but is conducted by way of tendering evidence.

Crown Prosecutor Nelson Dhita last week tendered documents that include witnesses’ statements, photographs, medical report and other documents relevant to the case.

 Having satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to stand trial in the High Court, the magistrate committed Henry to the High Court.

The three accused were charged with one count each of murder.

Prosecution alleged they murdered their close relative at Kalibae settlement at Kuzi village, Kolombangara on November 24, last year.

The allegations were over an argument between the deceased and his wife which led to the accused chasing the deceased and allegedly attacking him.

It was alleged that the deceased, who was drunk, came home and accused his wife of having an extra-marital affair with another man.

Prosecution alleged that the wife then went and told her father-in-law about the argument in which the father-in-law approached his son.

It was further alleged that the son told his father to leave and was walking away when the three accused attacked him.

They allegedly hit, kicked and then when he was on the ground they jumped on him resulting in him receiving injuries on his body plus broken ribs.

The deceased died at Gizo Hospital.

By Assumpta Buchanan