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Renbel premier wants Assembly suspended

12 August 2014

EMBATTLED Renbel premier Lence Tangosia says he has requested the Ministry of Provincial Government to suspend the Renbel Provincial Assembly.

He made the request after four of his ministers who resigned recently refused to rejoin his government.

Mr Tangosia said he wanted Minister Silas Tausinga to use his powers to suspend the assembly because of the unresolved political upheaval.

The four ministers resigned recently following disagreements over Mr Tangosia’s leadership.

The premier said any suspension of the provincial assembly would not affect the administrative operations of the province.

“I would like to tell my good people of Renbel that the suspension of the provincial government would not affect the administration of the province,” he said.

“The suspension was only meant to affect the provincial members, meaning we will not qualify to receive our salaries.

“It also means provincial members will be kept out from running the province and instead leave it to the provincial secretary and other administrative staff.”

MrTangosia said he tried pursuing the resigned ministers to stay with him for the remaining three months until the end of their term but they refused.

“Since they refused, I think the only option left is to seek the suspension of the provincial assembly,” he said.

The Minister of Provincial Government could not be reached on Tuesday for comments.