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Croc kills girl,7

19 August 2014

A GIRL, 7, from Manita village in west Bauro, Makira/UlawaProvince, has been the latest victim of crocodile attacks, over the weekend.

The girl was playing with her friend at a river mouth where her mother was fishing, when the croc pulled her down into the river.

Senior sergeant Peter Sitai of Kirakira police confirmed the incident and described it as shocking.

“There were crocodiles in the area but this is the first incident where a girl was killed by a croc,” Mr Sitai said.

He said the two kids were playing on the beach while the mother was fishing.

“When their mother was few metres away from them, the crocodile crept in and grabbed the child.

“The mother only noticed her daughter missing when she looked back and saw only her friend standing.

“She rushed in to rescue her daughter but the crocodile took her away,” Mr Sitai said.

He said police attended to the scene after the matter was reported to them.

He said the villagers were able to retrieve some parts of the body at the river mouth a day later.

Meanwhile, Mr Sitai warned communities to be careful when out at river mouths.

“Kids and old age people are vulnerable to crocodile attacks and extra precautions must be taken by parents to ensure our kids are safe.”

Recent crocodile attacks were reported in Western Province, Guadalcanal, Central, and Malaita.