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Taiwanese hospital assists council repair Pikinini clinic

19 August 2014

CHILDREN in Honiara and Guadalcanal will again have access to essential health services following a timely donation from Taiwan Kaochiung Medical University.

The university has donated USD$10,000 (SBD$72,500) to repair the Pikinini clinic, which received extensive damages during the April flash flood.

In a brief handing over of the money, Taiwanese ambassador Roy Wu said Taiwan is a long time partner of this country and wanted to work closely with the government and the city council to develop its health sector.

Mr Wu said although this donation was not from the Taiwanese government, the positive response of the university through their office has shown the heart and willingness of this university to put money into what will benefit the country.

“Health is one of our priority areas my government wish to assist to ensure the population of this country have access to quality health services,” Mr Wu said.

Good health is a human right therefore it is important the service is provided to citizens of this nation,” he added.

He said this is part of his government and people’s support towards the health sector in the country having seen children’s health as important for the future of this country.

City Mayor Andrew Mua thanked Kaochiung medical university and Taiwan for facilitating their request for support.

“The Pikinini clinic is one of the prides of the council and it is built specifically for children to stop them queuing up at clinics and the hospital for medical attention,” Mr Mua said.

“Its closure after the floods has affected many children and that is the reason council has to seek assistance to repair the damage and open it again,” he said.

He said the donation shows Taiwan’s commitment to health services in the city and especially to the most vulnerable, the children of this city.

He added the ouncil has faced difficulties in its budget after the events of the floods which is a setback despite only depending on its property rates and business licence for their income.