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Students told ‘respect each other’

20 August 2014

STUDENTS are urged to respect each other, uphold school rules, and honour traditional and family values.

Acting Assistant Police Commissioner, National Capital, Gabriel Manelusi made the call in light of the attack of a student at St. John’s Community High by a group of outsiders, Monday.

“It’s important students respect each other while at their school,” Mr Manelusi said.

Monday’s incident was reportedly a result of the male victim students demonstrating disrespectful behaviour to a female student.

Mr Manelusi said students from different backgrounds and ethnic groups attend many of our schools together.

“In such diversity, it is critical that students respect each others' differences and cultural background.

“That’s the only way we could breed peace and harmony in our schools.

“When students started to display disrespectful attitudes towards each other, we will experience disharmony as we’ve seen on Monday,” he said.

Mr Manelusi reminded students that they are the future leaders of this nation so they must learn to respect each other and live in harmony.

He added that same level of respect should also be showed everywhere – within our town, our communities, and our country.