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Sikaiana islanders call for medical assistance

20 August 2014

SIKAIANA Islanders in the Malaita Outer Islands are calling on health authorities to provide them with medical relief and assistance amidst reports of a diarrhoea outbreak on the island.

Reports reaching the Solomon Star said that the outbreak had already claimed one life many living in fear that casualties may increase in number as a result of the lack of proper medical relief or assistance on the island.

“We do not have proper medical or health professionals on the island, nor do we have medical supplies or aid to help counter any illnesses or disease of such magnitude such as the outbreak currently tormenting our people,” Steven Seti of Sikaiana told the Solomon Star.

 “This has been the case for a long while now; people living without proper medical expertise or supplies, thus our people have turned to other remedies they can find in order to counter the diseases and illnesses faced,” he added.

Mr Seti added that responsible authorities have for years known of the concern of the lack of medical assistance on Sikai’ana however have turned a blind eye to it.

“This is a problem that has been for a while yet nothing has been done to address it.

“Even the provincial health division has failed to find a means of addressing the problem,” Mr Seti said.

He added that only when islanders were critically ill that they were transported to either Malaita or Honiara for medical assistance, apart from that, the people have nowhere else to get proper health care.

Attempts to talk to Malaita Health Director Dr Hardie Namo were unsuccessful.