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Tango accuses logger, miner of ‘interference’

20 August 2014

OUSTED Renbel premier Lence Tango claims the Speaker’s decision to call the assembly meeting during which his successor was elected was influence by logging and mining companies.

Mr Tango claimed this is evident because if he remains the premier, the two companies Samlimsan (SI) Ltd and Apida would vacate the island very soon.

“That is the fear of the two companies because very soon they should pack up and leave Renbel since they have been doing illegal business and failed to honour their promises to the promise and people,” Mr Tango claimed.

He said currently there is a High Court case between the province and Samlimsan that the company fears knowing they will lose the case therefore will be kicked out of Renbel.

“And my executive has already passed a resolution to agree for the companies to vacate Renbel. But interestingly, at the eleventh hour they turned around and eat their own words, depriving their people of what they have promised before,” Mr Tango said.

The Solomon Star understands the Renbel provincial government has taken Samlimsan to court for failure to honour their agreement and for alleged illegal operations.

Apid mining company was also claimed to have failed to honour its promises and fail to pay the province fees due to them.

Mr Tango has asked the newly elected premier Timothy Johnston to tell the people of Renbel who is paying their stay at the Pacific Casino Hotel for the last five weeks and the two days of assembly meeting that resulted in the election of the new premier.

When contacted yesterday, Mr Johnston said the costs of their hotel stay were met by goodwill friends who have the heart for Renbel people and have come to give in.

He declined to discuss the issue further, but costs associated to their hotel stay were manageable.

However, Mr Tango claimed the costs at Pacific Casino were met by Samlimsan, Apid company and a business man from west Rennel.

“I was told by some very close sources who witnessed that they have seen these people dishing money to the premier and his executives.

“Last week Thursday the Premier and his executives received $3,000 each from Samlimsan Company,” Mr Tango claimed.

He said this is a clear indication why the speaker and clerk never consult him before calling the meeting last week.

But Samlimsan’s director Junior Pao denied the allegations saying people should not involve his company with politics.

He said he had nothing to do with the politics of Renbel and also denied claims he met the costs of the Renbel executive at Pacific Casino and dishing cash to the members.

Tango also questioned why he did not know about the sworn in of the speaker, saying this is a clear indication things are done behind his back due to personal interests.

He said even the premier and his ministers’ swearing in was done in private by a magistrate without the knowledge of the minister of provincial government.

He questioned the speaker and the premier elect why they have to use a private lawyer for advice when the provincial government lawyer and the AG is there.

“What does this mean anyway?” Mr Tango asked.

He claimed he had documents to prove Apid is operating illegally and Samlimsan is also carrying out illegal logging on Rennell island.

Mr Tango said he had already written to police to go over to Renbel to monitor the situation, while awaiting court decisions on the company’s operation.

He further called on Premier Johnston to stop calling for any meetings or set plans because until a cabinet decision is made anything he does is illegal.

The Solomon Star understands any decision on the political position of Renbel province will be known by August 23.

The new Renbel Premier was elected last Thursday following an Assembly meeting called by the speaker of the province Norma Sa’o.

However, Mr Tango claimed the meeting was illegal since under the provincial government act he was the only person who has the mandate to call such meeting.

He questioned why during the two weeks period in which he was given to respond and hear anything from the minister of provincial government over allegations of corruption against him and yet the speaker turned around and call the meeting.





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