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US medical visit Marovo communities

24 November 2014

PEOPLE of Central Marovo, Western Province on Monday got a whole of day free medical treatment from a visiting United States (US) medical team.

The team was stationed at Telina island, and this had allowed most people living in and around the place to get medical attention.

With the recent election, Marovo is still being filled with voters and this medical visit had offered them opportunity to get medical attention, reports reaching the paper yesterday said.

Yesterday re-elected Member of Parliament (MP) of Marovo Constituency Hon Snyder Rini and his voters were amongst those receiving medical treatment.

The USA medical team was accompanied by Seghe health officers who have been visiting villagers to provide medical treatment and health awareness.

The program was initiated by Seghe hospital few years ago with the team in collaboration with Uepi Island resort. The team also provided health equipment to Seghe hospital and normally visits every two years.

Malrick Unikana, a Honiara resident who is currently in Telina following last week’s election said more than a thousand people from the surrounding villages such as Cheke, Bisuana and Ulona and Gasini received medical attention.

Most of the people thanked the visiting team and Uepi along with the Seghe medical team for the free medical visit.

Today another community would be visited.