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Beu: Landslide victory is suspicious

24 November 2014

The Temotu Premier Fr Brown Beu described the election results of Nende constituency as highly suspicious claiming it involves corruption and a broad daylight bribery.

“I have no evidence to show but such win has indicated that a lot of money was involved.”

Beu made the statement in an exclusive interview yesterday in Lata saying, “such landslide victory is ridiculous.

“How people choose a leader not base on quality of that leader but base on how he/she is assisting them.”

Premier Beu had expressed that there was evidence that after the result was announced by the Returning Officer Luke Lapoe there was dead silence.

Only few children were excited of the winning candidate for Nende, Commins Mewa.

It indicates deep something about dead silence and let justice take its course.

“Our people still depend very much on handouts because they have no sense of identifying who their leader is.

“For other provinces like Choiseul they know who their leader is, they know the capability, integrity and the excellence of their leader is,” he said.

“But we choose our leader based on relationship affiliations and cultural giving, but when it comes to national level we need caliber of leadership.

“This is important for Temotuan’s need to understand when it comes to choose a leader.”

Meanwhile MP for Nende Commins Mewa responded he win this election based how he had assisted the people for twenty years before he enter politics.

Mewa pulled 2,118 ballots and his runner up Simon Peter Melau collected 684 ballots.

Reporting in Lata