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Lobbying begins

24 November 2014

THE usual political game of lobbying has begun with reports certain independent candidates have already started lobbying candidates to join their camp.

The Solomon Star is aware of certain re-elected and newly elected independent candidates who have already been in touch with each other in a move to choose their candidate for the Prime Minister’s post in the next two weeks.

It was also revealed that parties who have winning candidates are also working hard to pull independent candidates to join their party in the hope to form the next government.

With 70 per-cent of former Members of Parliament retaining their seats, the battle is on for which party is likely to form the next government.

The Registrar of the Political Parties Integrity Commission Calvin Ziru earlier told the media as required under the new Political Parties Integrity Act (PPIA), independent candidates has to join a registered political party in order to form the government.

With 12 political parties registering under the new PPIA, only five political parties successfully have winning candidates.

They include the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP), United Democratic Party (UDP), People's Alliance Party (PAP), Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement, Kadere Party and People First Party.

Whether or not any of the above parties will form the government will depend on the money game again, it was revealed.

However the Attorney General Billy Titiulu in his previous interview with the paper said the new PPIA does not prohibit independent candidates from forming the government.

Titiulu said elected MPs are elected as individual candidates and have their right to cast their vote for who they decide is the right candidate for the election of the Prime Minister.

He added if it happens that independent candidates decide to choose a candidate for the election of the PM and won, they can form the government.

He said the new Political Parties Integrity Act is only a registration Act to formalise parties and do not stop elected candidates from expressing their right to vote and form the government.

Meanwhile the likes of Danny Phillip, Manaseh Sogavare, Manasseh Maelanga, Mathew Wale, Douglas Ete, Dr Derek Sikua, Steve Abana and Rick Hou are the likely candidates to watch out for vying for the PM’s post.